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Empower Families is an initiative of Bridging the Gap. It is one of 7 CfC (Communities for Children) Community Partners in Kwinana (KEYS, CLANWA, RED CROSS, RELATIONSHIPS AUSTRALIA, NOONGAR SPORTS, Bridging the Gap, ASETTS (association for services to torture and trauma survivors). CfC is a DSS project, facilitated by The Smith Family.

The CfC objectives are:

  • Healthy young families- supporting parents to care for their children before and after birth and throughout the early years.
  • Supporting families and parents- support for parents to provide children with secure attachment, consistent discipline and quality environments that are stable, positive, stimulating, safe and secure.
  • Early learning- provide access to high quality early learning opportunities in the years before school; provide early identification and support for children at risk of developmental and behavioural problems; assist parents with ways they can stimulate and promote child development and learning from birth.
  • School transition and engagement- support children and families to make a smooth transition to school and work with local schools to assist children and families with their ongoing engagement with school


To create strong child-friendly communities that understand the importance of children and apply this capacity to maximise the health, well-being and early development of young children at the local level.

  • Consultation and supporting data have identified the need in Kwinana for:
  • An outreach strategy to engage with families who are ‘hard to reach’, to empower them to support each other to access services.
  • For service providers to strengthen their collaboration, especially with organisations who currently support children and families who are ‘hard to reach’, and
  • For service providers to develop, and enhance the appropriateness and accessibility of their service delivery.
  • Empower Families and RED CROSS are the two ENGAGEMENT programs in the Kwinana CfC (Communities for Children). Empower Families is universal; RED CROSS is purely for indigenous engagement.
  • Empower Families is a mobile service. We can come to schools, do home visits, meet in café’s etc.
  • We are available for disadvantaged families in Kwinana with children under 12.
  • Empower Families is a ONE STOP SHOP for schools and outreach services that are interacting with families that need additional support.

Contact Nick or Trys on 9419 2553 or 0488 445 419 for more information or if you would like to make an appointment!