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Each year I seem to write this report starting with “It has been a difficult year” but surely there has been none more so than this year.

The loss of the Employment Services Job Active Tender and Disability Employment Services work by our national contractor Job Futures has reshaped Bridging the Gap’s local client service offering and revenue streams. All this has required strong and difficult decisions by our CEO and Board to resize our operations and unfortunately this has involved the loss of many valued and dedicated staff.

Downsizing is very difficult work and I would particularly thank outgoing CEO Colin Kerr who, prior to his scheduled retirement on the 30th June, did the hard yards to look after departing staff, close premises and downsize facilities and equipment. The Board thanks you Colin for your 19 years of dedication and service and for following through this difficult work right up to your retirement. Obviously we wish Colin and Bev a long a happy retirement.

From adversity opportunity grows however and the Board was delighted to name Jane McWhirter as Colin’s replacement from 1st July 2015. Jane has set about the task of rebuilding the business base and progress has been made in developing new business and re-establishing our presence in Mandurah and business throughout the region. It is clear that the remaining staff have retained the passion and enthusiasm to help those in need in our community.

I am pleased to advise that our finances are in good shape and that we have significant capability to expand into new ways of serving the community as new opportunities arise. We are on the lookout for new ventures, partners and supporters and urge you to work with us if you feel we can together benefit those in need.

Finally I would like to thank the staff who have left and those who remain along with all Managers and Directors for their fabulous work in the most difficult of years. I am privileged to lead an enthusiastic and dedicated group o f people who really want to help the disadvantaged and grow our business so that we can better assist the disadvantaged in our Community. I look forward to reporting another difficult but very successful year this time next year.