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The Bike Rescue Partnership Project runs four times each year, in various locations in the South West Metropolitan area in partnership with Dismantle and held with the Department of Education and is modelled on a highly successful earn-a-bike program that operates in numerous cities through-out the world. Learning all aspects of bike mechanics and restoration from highly experienced facilitators and volunteer mentors who ensure that every nut and bolt is covered in this comprehensive course

BRPP is designed to encourage youth to become active members of the community while fostering values of worth in themselves and everything around them. The project uses a hands-on approach to bike education in addition to promoting alternative transport and recycling of materials and offering a safe and nurturing environment for participants to complete a Certificate I in Work Preparation.

BRPP is a full-circle program where students are taught theory and hands on skills and have an opportunity to apply these skills with a tangible reward for their efforts. This project focuses on positive outcomes, which are achieved by the participants, obtaining a Certificate I in Work Preparation upon successful completion of the program. Participants are involved in building a bicycle for donation to charity, designed in their own style, before building a second bicycle for themselves. Learning and working as a team to meet deadlines and having to work independently to complete the program.



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