On the 22nd of May a member of the Shire of Murray enlisted the help of the participants of the Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management course in getting rid of a plague of Eragrostis curvula (otherwise know as African lovegrass) that was threatening other plant life at the George Brook Reserve in Ravenswood.

The participants of the course, otherwise known as the Eco-Warriors split into teams of two in order to try and combat the African lovegrass.  They spent the entire day finding and eradicating as much of the weed as they could in order to give the other plants room to breathe and grow.

It was only after a much deserved break and another few hours of manual labor that they called it a day as they had cleared out much of the African lovegrass. Although the Eco-Warriors called the day a victory, they also know what a menace the African lovegrass is and how it continues to plague the environment. It is only with dedication and steadfastness that this aggressor will be defeated once and for all.