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Ngulla Community Training Centre provides a unique community-based working and training environment, hosting many activities including Work for the Dole (WFD) Group Activities.






Formwork & Concreting WFD Group Activity

Ngulla Community Training Centre is hosting another Work for the Dole Group Activity, the objective of this activity is to give the participants skills that will increase their chances of employment.

Concrete is a great option for plenty of D.I.Y. jobs around the house and in this WFD activity, the participants are shown how to do the job right. They have learnt how to level and smooth the surface of concrete and how to properly use a straight edge and a finishing float.

The participants have been actively learning and participating in so much including the following:

Understanding the difference between cement and concrete – It is easy to get concrete and cement confused, but they are actually quite different. Cement is a powder that is one of the ingredients of concrete. Concrete is made up of cement, sand and aggregate.

Formwork – An important part of many concreting jobs. It is used to hold concrete in a certain shape while the mixture hardens. We showed the participants how to create a straight edge and a curved edge with formwork.

Finishing – Once the concrete is level, the students learnt to use a finishing float to smooth out the surface by gently gliding the flat of the blade across the top of the concrete. This works out any small imperfections left by the straight edge. They finished by removing any wet concrete that’s spilled over onto joining surfaces.